Rain, sleet…the elemental enemies of any homeowner.

This Summer, we at WBM want to make sure you’re prepared to face any weather challenges head-on!

Well… maybe we won’t be mailing you a parka and bright yellow galoshes, but we can give you some help on sprucing up your patio for the winter.

Here are summer patio ideas that’ll help you and your patio survive the season:

Concrete retaining walls keep that summer heat at bay.

Can a concrete retaining wall block act as an air barrier? You bet your bottom. Building a wall around your patio can help block those nasty summer winds from ruining a fun night around the bonfire. Keep the backyard gatherings going well into summer with a functional (and beautiful) retaining wall!

A concrete way to fix up your concrete patio.

In order to make it through the season, make sure that your patio is in tip-top condition to start. Concrete is beautiful and sturdy…but cracks do happen and they aren’t pretty.

Cracks can not only detract from the appearance of your patio, but as the moisture seeps in, it can widen the cracks and lead to further damage and unevenness. If you don’t address it right away, it can lead to more costly repairs down the road. So how do you fix this? If the cracks are small, you can use some over-the-counter caulk and sealer.